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Upcoming Trip

Food, Wine, Art and Yoga adventures in Tuscany, May 26th to June 2nd

Yoga, Italian Style!

Discover Tuscany beyond the guidebooks. While many praise its beauty, seeing it firsthand is unmatched. Dive into authentic Italian culture, relax, and escape the usual tourist crowds.

Liv For Yoga in Tuscany – September 7th to 14th, 2024

Join us for “Liv For Yoga in Tuscany” from September 7th to 14th, 2024, for a yoga getaway that’s packed with more than just poses. You’ll be practicing yoga every day, sure, but in settings that take your breath away – imagine perfecting your warrior pose with views of the Italian countryside or under the Tuscan sun. It’s a perfect mix for anyone who’s into yoga or just wants to soak in the beauty of Italy while finding some inner peace.

Past Trip

Music and arts in Brazil, March 9th to March 16th 2024

Salvador lives by the rhythm of music and uses it successfully to convey a great sense of social cohesion within a rich multicultural city. Home to the renowned composers Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, Salvador has been the birthplace of many music genres including tropicalismo, axé, bossa nova and samba.”

We loved the cameradery, the food and the excursions, the farm is a gem and it was so much fun to visit Italy with Marco & Maria, we had a great time!

~ Marne & Kyoko

“Maria combines her yoga expertise with an enchanting sense of humor in an atmosphere of trust and compassion. She offers a lot of personal attention, which results in tremendous personal growth. Add to this mix fabulous meals and unique, very comfortable accommodations, and you have a fun-filled week that is truly unforgettable.”

~ Kalyany