Hello and welcome to travel-retreats.net! This isn’t just any travel site; it’s a portal to some of the most extraordinary art, food, exploration, and wellness retreats around the globe. The mastermind? Marco Chelo – an Italian maestro, a whiz of a travel agent, tech guru, entrepreneur, and a sailor who’s journeyed from New York City to the Bahamas on a 27-foot sailboat.

In Italy, Marco steered tour companies like ABC Charters, Viaggiare Network, and Swing Travel. His passport tells tales of adventures across five continents, with special love for Italy, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Marco is more than a guide; he’s a travel detective, unveiling hidden local secrets in Tuscany, the vibrant life of Jamaica, and the pulse of Brazil. He’s also the co-founder of the New York Jazz Workshop, marrying music and teambuilding events with travel.

And for those drawn to Tuscany, La Pineta awaits – not just a farmhouse, but a piece of Italian heaven, stewarded by Marco’s family and his winemaker nephew Giulio.

Ready for an adventure spiced with Italian charm and a sailor’s spirit? Reach out to Marco at 917-340-0270 or leave a note below. Your story of extraordinary travel is just a call away!